Parenthood as a lens for politics


Vote Like a Mother began with a sign. A cardboard sign, drawn for a protest march with my kids. A sign from the universe: you can and must do more.

I started Vote Like a Mother to make parenthood a lens for politics. To promote voting with empathy, kindness, and ferocity. To amplify women's voices and efforts. And to provide parents with opportunities to contribute, recognizing that we all have something to give -- be it time, money, or a platform.

When I think about voting like a mother, I think about improving our world locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. When you bring the concepts of care and respect into the voting booth, when your purpose is to build rather than to tear down, you're voting like a mother. There are lots of people that fit this description. Adoptive parents, stepparents, families of choice, trans people, guardians, aunties, grandmas -- it's about purpose, and about shared values of acceptance, equity, justice, and love. We were all born from mothers and what unites us can empower us.

Join me to proclaim intention, to rally and to act; to voice your vision and vote your vision. Wear your heart on your sleeve with ethically, sustainably made Vote Like a Mother t-shirts, totes, and other gear: designed by moms, 100% of profits go to mom-run, impactful nonprofits like and Moms Demand Action. Check out Get Involved for tools and opportunities, no matter what you can contribute, from signing petitions to calling Congress, from to protesting to fundraising. Subscribe to our newsletter via Home for updates as our movement grows and VLAM expands.

I come from a long line of rabble-rousers, to whom I'm indebted and grateful. I've attended marches and rallies since I was a kid, and I bring my kids with me now. The people doing the hard work of ongoing activism are an inspiration to me. Showing up and voting my conscience has never felt more dire. The consequences are real. I hope to inspire parents and everyone else to get involved in sparking positive change.

In solidarity,

VLAM's Purpose:
To achieve the world we want:
one that's just, equitable,
and sustainable for the long term.

VLAM's Mission:
To get parents politically engaged and active.

VLAM's Perspective:
Parenthood as a lens for politics.

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